Jews Weirdly Interested in Political Opinions of Jews

Andrew Gelman raises a point about why we bother discussing "the Jewish vote," as though this 2 percent of Americans, mostly congregated in non-battleground states like New York and California, actually matters:

This sort of concern is not restricted to Jews, of course. Different minority groups exercise political power in different ways. I just thought it was worth pointing out that this isn't a pure public opinion issue but rather something with more indirect pathways.

But I get annoyed when pundits talk about the Jewish vote as if it's about votes.

Actually, I don't think it's even about Jews' donations, or any other exercise of the their power. Here's what it is: You know who's interested in the political opinions and behavior of Jews? Jews, that's who. And who is dramatically over-represented among those who write about politics? You guessed it.

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