LESS SUBSTANCE, PLEASE. Sigh. From Ana Marie Cox:

Considering the lavish party Mark Warner had thrown for them the night before, perhaps bloggers should not be so hasty with accusations of schmooze. Still, schmoozing is basically harmless if it doesn't affect what one writes � and if bloggers are re-inventing the journalist wheel, they're still getting around to that one. At the Q&A Warner held with bloggers after his speech, the questions were respectful and sincere. The first one was about whether Warner was correct in asserting that Iran is a greater threat to our national security than Pakistan. A better question might have been, how valuable is the opinion on such matters when it comes from a one-term governor of Virginia?

How could that possibly be a better question? Because it's unanswerable, guaranteed to teach you nothing about the candidate's views or thought processes, and slightly more likely to provoke an embarrassing gaffe or awkward response?

So that's how the pros do it.

--Ezra Klein