• Marc Ambinder names his picks for the top five most likely VPs for McCain and Obama. The McCain list is kinda boring (sample description, “nice man; solid tenure as government official”) while Obama one is more interesting (Hagel and Napolitano!).
  • Ambinder also lists some reasons Pennsylvania is tightening.
  • Taegan Goddard and Ben Smith (separately) on why Obama shouldn’t use the public financing system for the general election.
  • Apparently the McCain camp has switched from hallucinogens to downers, as this fantastically boring web ad shows. I defy you to watch it and then tell me what it’s about. I still don’t know. The best part? It’s actually an ad for someone named Johm McCain according to the end credits.
  • Barack Obama, huge in China (less surprisingly, in Canada as well).
  • The Center for Public Integrity posts two videos of Clinton speaking on behalf of Wal-Mart when she was on its board.
  • Noam Scheiber argues that the only effect Penn’s departure will have on the race is protecting Obama from attack and thereby strengthening him in the general election.
  • John Cleese: potential Obama speech writer. Yes.

—Sam Boyd