MARTY'S WORLD. Displaying the self-regarding presumption that is, after anti-Arab sentiment, his defining trait, Marty Peretz undertakes to instruct the Episcopal Church how to be more Christian:

"The Episcopal Church is in decline, and I believe that it is so because it really doesn't tend to the spiritual and transcendent needs of believers. (Of course, there are some individual ministers and churches that do.) But, in general, it is by now a political church, and the shame of it is that this Christian communion expresses itself politically in both England and the U.S. regularly and reflexively against the Jewish state. Nothing else they do remotely affects me. Christ Church on Garden Street, the Massachusetts headquarters of the anti-Israel cabal in the diocese. I judge them, and God will judge them, too."

Yes, an anti-Israel cabal whose positions on the Israeli occupation and settlements mirror those of the Israeli human rights organizations with whom they work. Devious!

--Matthew Duss