New Blog to Transform American Politics, Say Observers

Beginning today, I'll be one of the Voices featured here on, which means that all my writing going forward will be collected in this space (although my posts on the campaign will still appear in Vox Pop as well). Those of you familiar with the work I've done here at TAP over the last five years will know what to expect: lots of politics, lots of discussion of the way politics is transmitted through the media, a bit of policy wonkery, and a few side orders of culture, technology, and whatever else catches my eye. There will be occasional interviews with people who know more than I do about an important issue or have something interesting to say, and multimedia presentations of various sorts. My hope is that it will all add up to package that is informed and takes policy seriously, but remains lively; addresses the events of each day but brings a perspective that is relevant for more than a moment; and is driven by progressive values without being predictable or consumed with tedious partisanship.

So bookmark my page and check back every day (which I'm sure you already do with the main page, and with Vox Pop, and the Monkey Cage, and a dozen or so of the other fantastic pages on our site). You should also follow me on Twitter, where you can receive my thoughts in an easily ingested aerosol form.

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