Since 9/11, classical historian Victor Davis Hanson has established himself as one of the preeminent apologists for the Bush Doctrine, presenting George W. Bush as a combination of Achilles, Marcus Aurelius, and Jesus Christ, and showing that every aspect of modern life deserves its own analogy to the Peloponnesian War. Hanson has demonstrated that there are few historical events which he cannot willfully misconstrue in defense of his liege, no political disagreement which he cannot interpret as a test of manliness, and no blindingly obvious administration cock-up that he cannot weave into a narrative of ultimate victory.

So, in the same spirit in which the prize for Best Essay goes to the kid who most praises the school, yesterday Hanson received a National Humanities Medal. President Bush, at the presentation ceremony:

"He has cultivated the fields of history and brought forth an abundant harvest of wisdom for our times."

Right. D of LGM, winner of the 2006 Victor Davis Hanson Invitational and an impressively credentialed scholar of Hansonia, expertly observes that Hanson is less notable for his "harvest" than for the stuff he spreads around to bring it forth.

And be sure to read LTC Bob Bateman, who skillfully disassembles Hanson like a blindfolded grunt his rifle.

--Matthew Duss