Old Guard Turns New Again

You know the internet has lost its "new" when Ted Kennedy makes a major entrance into it. But the net is old, he's created a sweet site, and you should look.

As an aside, I don't like the Kennedy condescension that so many seem to exhibit. I assume it's a combination of the guy's distasteful past (adulterer, alcoholic, general weirdness) and the right's unrelenting campaign against him, but I wish we'd stop buying into it. Kennedy's worked his ass off as a progressive legislator for far longer than most of us have been alive, and while he's been wrong on a fair number of important fights, he's also been a lone voice for unpopular, wholly correct causes and radical, necessary legislation. So while I don't like everything the guy has done, I respect much of it, and in any case I wish we'd not let the press and the Republicans browbeat us into disowning one of our own whenever we're in polite company. I'll take Ted Kennedy over Tom Coburn any old day.