Via LGM, the heartwarming story of a multitude of wingnuts working themselves into a sanctimonious froth over a movie still. Let's all join D in issuing a hearty, Nelson Muntzian "HAW-haw!" to Right Blogistan.

Despite the photo in question being, repeat, a movie still, it remains true that that Iran continues to engage in the hideous practice of stoning, just as it remains true, despite the Killian documents apparently having been forged, that young George W. Bush was granted a spot in the Texas Air National Guard through the intervention of his family's powerful friends while other, less privileged Americans were sent off to fight and die in a war that Bush claims to have supported, just as it remains true, despite the addition of some extra smoke into this photo, that Israel bombed the rotting hell out of Lebanon last summer. But, as always with the nutters, there's truth, and then there's truthiness.

--Matthew Duss