POSITIVE REENFORCEMENT. Check this out in the Times:

�What matters is that in this campaign that we clarify the different points of view,� Mr. Bush said from the press secretary�s lectern in the White House conference center up the street from the Oval Office. �And there are a lot of people in the Democrat Party who believe that the best course of action is to leave Iraq before the job is done, period, and they�re wrong.�

In calling the opposition the �Democrat Party� Mr. Bush was repeating a truncated, incorrect version of the party�s name that some Democrats have called a slight, an assertion the White House dismissed as ridiculous. (Emphasis added.)

Have you ever seen that before in our precious MSM? I don't think I have. Maybe if everyone agreed to write like that for a month or two, the Republicans would have to knock that particular inane gimmick off.

--Matthew Yglesias

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