Push-Polling The Jewish Vote

My post at Greg's today is on the latest laughable push-poll Republicans are touting as "evidence" Obama is going to lose the Jewish vote:

The phrasing in this poll is comically skewed towards eliciting the most negative responses possible. As always, the game is to perpetuate the sad conservative meme that this time, really this time, American Jews are going to abandon their liberalism and vote Republican because Obama is a huge anti-Semite. The only thing this poll reveals is how badly some want to keep this storyline going.

Look, with the economy the way it is, if Obama loses it wouldn't surprise me to see him lose a non-negligible number of Jewish votes. But the notion that Obama is bleeding Jewish support because of recent remarks on Israel has yet to be proven, and it certainly isn't supported by this crappy poll, the purpose of which is to further a Republican media narrative.

Eli Clifton has more on pollsters John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell. An organization called "Secure America Now" commissioned the poll, only the founder of SAN turns out to be...John McLaughlin. That didn't stop him from pretending that the poll he did was independent work for a random client.

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