Is Sarah Palin Being Gaslighted?

I think I figured it out: Democrats, the lamestream media, and a shadowy group possibly involving the Trilateral Commission have gotten together to gaslight Sarah Palin. That's right, they're trying to drive her insane.

The latest plot twist in the never-ending soap opera that is Palin's life is that investigative journalist Joe McGinniss, author of "Fatal Vision" and "The Selling of the President," among other books, has rented a house next door to the Palin manse while he writes a book about her. Palin put up an outraged post on her Facebook page, saying, among other things, "Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?" Which as David Weigel points out, implies that McGinniss is not an award-winning investigative journalist writing a book but some kind of creep who just wants to leer at Palin's daughters in their bathing suits.

Look over that Facebook page, and you see one entry after another about the various people who are oppressing Sarah Palin. Like this entry, concerning her efforts to buck up South Carolina governor candidate Nikki Haley, now facing adultery allegations:

Reaching her from Wasilla, I then joked with Nikki that I was calling her from one of the many locations the lamestream media claims I moved to. (Let’s see, I think the last I heard I was living in the Hamptons, or was it Montana? No, supposedly L.A. is where they claim I moved when I “left Todd” in their idiotic reports.)

You probably said, "What the hell is she talking about?" Well, it's about a satirical entry on someone's blog. Point is, if anyone out there on the Internet ever says anything mean about Sarah Palin, she knows about it, and she's mad. I'm not quite sure how she does it, but maybe she has a personal assistant whose entire job is tracking down criticisms and passing them on to the ex-governor.

Has there ever been an American politician so consumed with her own victimhood?

-- Paul Waldman

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