SHALL WE DANCE? Well, since the Dems waltzed into the House and did an elaborate tango into the Senate, I confess I find myself a bit shamefaced for having doubted their ability to take the lower chamber. But now, a week later, I'm ready to put all that behind me to focus on the the intramural dramas now gripping both political parties.

A pal at the blog Blue Jersey who goes by the handle JRB points up a charming irony in the choice of Senator Mel Martinez of Florida to chair the Republican National Committee.

Like New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, Martinez is a Cuban-American who recently voted to table an amendment to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act that would have prohibited immigrants convicted of document fraud and identity theft from receiving Social Security benefits -- a vote for which Menendez was villified in a television spot run by his Republican opponent, Tom Kean, Jr.. JRB asks if the righties will take Martinez to task for, as the Kean ad states it, "want[ing] to give your Social Security money to illegal aliens."

--Adele M. Stan