Seems that Sir Roberts was for the Federalist society before he was against it. Fun. I think I'm with Singer's reaction:

Why are they lying? Why is the first response always to lie? Every Administration in history lies, but with this one, the assumption needs to be that it is lie until verified.

It's a funny thing, conservatives, quick as they are to crow about their ideology's ascendance, are terrified to admit membership in its organizations. So right-wingers aren't Republicans, they're "libertarians"; Roberts isn't part of the Federalist Society, but he actually was; Bush is a "conservationist" who passes bills with environmentally friendly names and promises that Social Security privatization should be enacted because it'll result in a bigger entitlement for quick-dyin' black people. It's all a bit ridiculous.

There's plenty of talk about how weak the Democratic party is, how embarrassing it is to be affiliated with it, and all the many methods unlucky liberals can choose from in their eventual ritualistic suicides. But the reality is that Democrats rarely, if ever, run from their affiliation, while Republicans are in constant mid-dash from theirs.