So speaketh Dennis Prager, in part XII of his written-for-eventually-remaindered-publication book, "Judeo-Christian Values".

Now ask any Jew, religious or secular, "What is the Jewish mission?" and the most likely response will be: "What do you mean?"

Most religious Jews rarely talk about a Jewish mission. Rather, they are preoccupied with survival: of the Jewish religion (observance of religious laws) and of the Jewish people. Most non-religious Jews who identify as Jews are preoccupied with survival of the Jewish people. And most Jews with a weak or no Jewish identity identify with no Jewish mission or with a secular one.

In fact, the only large body of Jews with a mission are the Jews with the least Jewish religiosity. Such Jews have been disproportionately involved in secular ideologies such as Marxism, socialism, feminism, environmentalism, gay rights, animal rights and every other ideology of the Left.

You gotta love the juxtaposition of causes - let's start with Marxism and socialism...and then the gays.  The Left: Defined By Everything You Hate (And Maybe Some Good Stuff, Later).

Now, besides the widespread generalization and insult (that liberal Jews aren't Jewish), what, exactly, does Prager think the Jewish mission is?