Supreme Court Watch

Shakespeare's Sister has an excellent pair of posts running down the records potential candidates for the Supreme Court. You should read them (1, 2). I'd love to hear Jeralyn's take on these folks as well.

While on the subject, you should read Mark Schmitt's post on the "Constitution-in-exile" crowd, and what their goals are. This graf particularly jumped out at me:

I hope that when the next Supreme Court nomination finally occurs, the debate will not focus almost exclusively on the Court's position on social issues such as Roe, Griswold, gay marriage and sodomy, affirmative action, etc. The economic role of the federal government is now deeply in question, and the Constitution in Exile judges, just like the Social Security privatizers, want to roll back the clock a lot futher than 1973 or 1961.

I can guarantee you that the Republicans don't hold out the same desire. Fighting over dead fetuses and homos kissing is much easier for them than battles over Social Security and regulatory schemes. Shame that we continually accede to their demands when the battles finally join.