So we've heard a lot of alarmist crazytalk from people you wouldn't expect to hear it from, like say, the governor of Texas. As the Republican Party gets more radicalized, the lines between mere partisans and the hard right militia/secessionist types gets more blurred, and statements that would have seemed unacceptable in conservative discourse before fail to raise an eyebrow. The conservative magazine Townhall sent out this "urgent message" from Independent Living publisher Lee Bellinger warning that social chaos is imminent:

Think about the widespread collapse of order and emergency services in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina — except on a national level. The implementation of gun-confiscation laws, looters and thugs terrorizing the elderly with impunity, besieged hospitals without power, doctors and medicine. People forcibly herded into "containment zones" and denied access to food, water, and medical attention. At least 45 patients died in one city-run hospital after being abandoned by doctors and staff.


In the case of the 1992 Los Angeles Rodney King riots (as Caucasians and Asians were hunted down, robbed, and slaughtered), the police hunkered behind their defensive cordons as the murderous racist rage unfolded — the only outside contact law-abiding victims had in the riot zone were with intrepid news helicopters hovering overhead, broadcasting the racial pogroms on live TV.

You may even remember the only community to come out unscathed were sections of Los Angeles populated by Asian merchants — who fended off the mobs by placing shooters on the roofs of buildings within their defense perimeter. These heroic Korean merchants successfully protected their families, shops and homes. All because they knew how worthless bureaucrats truly are and made their own preparations. Where are you in this process?

The economy's going to collapse, and the government won't protect you from rampaging hordes of armed Negroes, especially since President Obama is likely to join in. (He's got a custom-made black leather jacket and beret with presidential seal. It says "KILL WHITEY" on the back.) This is exactly why you need to buy Lee Bellinger's Social Chaos Survival Guide. It's free with a completely risk-free subscription to Independent Living for a mere $69 (that's 12 information-packed issues) .

Hey, what's wrong with stoking a little racially tinged social panic? Bellinger's trying to sell some magazines here.

On a serious note, I'm only joking about this because the possibility of some nut taking this pitch seriously is frightening to contemplate. 

-- A. Serwer

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