The UN and its Critics

Praktike's criticisms of the UN are on point, I think, but downplay the obstacles to fixing it. Because, as is, the neocons don't hate the UN because there's an inequitable distribution of power, but because there in fact is a distribution of power. Since the only logical ways to reform the UN are up, and by up I mean adding to the Security Council, giving the resolutions more teeth, making it possible to override vetos, and so forth, they'll only worsens the multilateral heartburn of the hawks. I'm not really sure how you fix that, but it seems to me that the UN will remain their bete noire no matter what reforms are instituted, and the neocons just have to be considered marginal so far as critiquing the institution goes. Otherwise it's like an intervention where the alcoholic's worst enemy is invited and he continually presses for even more drinking and, if possible, suicide. You just can't listen to that guy.