Wed, Nov. 07 Electoral Vote Predictor

Obama Wins Third Debate

The snap polls are in and President Obama clearly won last night's debate.
The CBS poll
of uncommitted voters gave President Obama a decisive 53% to 23% victory.
The CNN poll
of debate watchers also put Obama ahead, albeit by a smaller margin, 48% to 40%.
PPP ran a snap poll
in swing states, and there Obama won 53% to 42%.

covered the Middle East, Iran, and China, but the candidates clearly weren't interested in those parts of
the world and preferred talking about America and its economy. Moderator Bob Schieffer tried to keep them focused on
international affairs with mixed success. At first he was able to keep them on track, but in the end, he essentially gave up.
Romney's main pitch on foreign affairs was that America needs to be more assertive in the world and Obama has been too weak. Obama countered
by citing Romney's statements during the year and saying his foreign policy was all over the map.

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