Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman is an editor and writer. Formerly the executive editor of GOOD, she’s now hard at work on a crowd-funded magazine called Tomorrow and is a politics columnist for She curates the work of women journalists at LadyJournos!, makes hand-drawn pie charts for The Hairpin, and dispenses animated advice at the Columbia Journalism Review. In July 2012, CJR named her one of 20 women to watch.

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The State of Our Union in 28 GIFs

Hey, it's almost time to get started!

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Any minute now...
Inline image 2


Still clapping ... (Is the livestream stuck on a loop?)
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Fired Up, Ready to GIF

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
Swing state voters, to themselves


Women of America, to each other


Women of America, to Republicans


California, to other states


Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, and Washington, to anti-gay marriage measures



GIF Out the Vote

Sarah Palin abandons her bus tour after no one pays attention.

Horses and Bayonets and GIFs, Oh My!

The candidates agree we should build economies abroad.


The candidates agree we should educate women.


The candidates agree on how to handle Syria.


The candidates agree we should build our economy at home.


Like, they reeeeallly agree that the domestic economy is important.