Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman is an editor and writer. Formerly the executive editor of GOOD, she’s now hard at work on a crowd-funded magazine called Tomorrow and is a politics columnist for She curates the work of women journalists at LadyJournos!, makes hand-drawn pie charts for The Hairpin, and dispenses animated advice at the Columbia Journalism Review. In July 2012, CJR named her one of 20 women to watch.

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Beyond Hillary: 7 Democratic Women to Watch

Profiles of the next generation of progressive women political leaders.

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I really don't understand why John McCain is appealing to Hillary Clinton supporters by touting his love for ABBA. Shouldn't he be declaring his slavish devotion to Celine Dion? He could rework some of her hits to inform Clintonites of his views on women's rights. I'm sure a remake titled "I Know That Your Fetus Will Go On" would resonate with Clinton's pro-choice supporters.


On the heels of the New York Times article on the DC bloggerati, check out our assistant web editor Sam Boyd -- along with TAP contributors Matt Yglesias, Spencer Ackerman, and Kriston Capps -- in this video on Current TV. They go to coffee shops! They watch primary returns! They blog! They get embarrassed! (Says Sam, "I feel like I'm in some kind of low-rent corporate promotional short, like I should be talking about how great some new widget is.") Now you know you want to watch...