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Ann Friedman is a columnist for New York magazine's website and for the Columbia Journalism Review. She also makes pie charts for The Hairpin and Los Angeles magazine. Her work has appeared in ELLE, Esquire, Newsweek, The Observer, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and many other outlets. She lives in Los Angeles, but travels so often the best place to find her is online at

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Like Dana , I've been pleased with how Barack Obama has refused to play the gender card . And looking at the growing support for Obama among women, it's clear that I'm not the only woman who is comfortable voting for a male politician who doesn't conform to gender stereotypes. A few commenters are worried that Obama's refusal to hew to gender norms plays into the Republican playbook -- meaning certain electoral death. And in her Times op-ed, Susan Faludi warns that 9/11 may still be too fresh in our national psyche for us to feel comfortable electing a non-swaggering president. But I'd argue: Look how well masculinity politics worked for John Kerry . It wasn't just that Kerry didn't make a believable duck hunter or certified manly man. It was that he was playing a Republican game. And Democrats are bound to lose when they start thinking that the only way to appeal to voters is by meeting a set of criteria established by Republicans. I'm relieved Obama isn't playing that game. --Ann...

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I really don't understand why John McCain is appealing to Hillary Clinton supporters by touting his love for ABBA . Shouldn't he be declaring his slavish devotion to Celine Dion ? He could rework some of her hits to inform Clintonites of his views on women's rights . I'm sure a remake titled "I Know That Your Fetus Will Go On" would resonate with Clinton's pro-choice supporters. Or "It's (Not) All Coming Back to Me Now" -- dedicated to Lilly Ledbetter about her lost wages. --Ann Friedman


On the heels of the New York Times article on the DC bloggerati , check out our assistant web editor Sam Boyd -- along with TAP contributors Matt Yglesias , Spencer Ackerman , and Kriston Capps -- in this video on Current TV. They go to coffee shops! They watch primary returns! They blog! They get embarrassed! (Says Sam, "I feel like I'm in some kind of low-rent corporate promotional short, like I should be talking about how great some new widget is.") Now you know you want to watch... --The Editors (but not Sam)


On the heels of NARAL's endorsement of Obama today, Ellen Malcolm of EMILY's List made the following statement in a press release: "I think it is tremendously disrespectful to Sen. Clinton - who held up the nomination of a FDA commissioner in order to force approval of Plan B and who spoke so eloquently during the Supreme Court nomination about the importance of protecting Roe vs. Wade - to not give her the courtesy to finish the final three weeks of the primary process. It certainly must be disconcerting for elected leaders who stand up for reproductive rights and expect the choice community will stand with them." Though Malcolm has been hitting this theme pretty hard lately , NARAL's endorsement isn't a betrayal or disrespect. NARAL simply came to terms with the delegate count . In fact, NARAL president Nancy Keenan took pains to note Clinton's excellent record on choice: "Americans have been fortunate to have two fully pro-choice candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination...