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Ben Adler writes on national politics and domestic policy. Ben has been a staff writer for Politico and an editor at Newsweek and the Center for American Progress. His writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, The Nation, The Daily Beast, Columbia Journalism Review, Salon, The Washington Monthly, The New Republic, The Guardian and Next American City among other publications. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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STOP SUCKING UP TO THE GENERALS: Back in November I argued in TAP that progressives would be well-advised to stop trumpeting every general who opposes the Iraq War, as it subverts civilian control of the military, and sets a precedent we may one day regret. In the new Washington Monthly, Iraq veteran Melissa Tryon makes a similar argument for a different reason. She says that Democrats fail to realize that the overwhelming majority of military members view the generals as out of touch. Seeing the errors so many of generals have made in this war only reinforces their disdain.


A MINOR VICTORY: An important, but oft-neglected, frontier in the fight for civil rights is disability issues. But as the New York Times reported yesterday, Monday's Supreme Court decision to allow the families of students with disabilities to represent themselves when challenging their school district's plan for educating their child is a major step forward. In the past courts have often held that parents cannot challenge a school district's plan without a lawyer. Naturally this has the effect of preventing poor families, or sometimes families in remote rural areas, from being able to mount a challenge at all, since they cannot access legal representation.


BOLDLY GOING WHERE NO CANDIDATE HAS GONE BEFORE. A little late on this, but I hadn't seen it mentioned on TAPPED and I think it's important. Gov. Bill Richardson has put out the most aggressive climate change policy of any presidential candidates so far. Stepping into the void left by Tom Vilsack dropping out (at least until Al Gore gets in), Richardson released an ambitious plan last week -- with higher increases in fuel efficiency and bigger cuts in oil use than any other proposal.


AWESOME RIGHT-WING COMPARISON OF THE DAY. For those of you not fortunate enough to have been watching CNN late yesterday afternoon, Think Progress has the video of J.C. Watts equating Rudy Giuliani's position on abortion with someone who opposed slavery personally, but supported others' rights to own slaves. Yes, you read that correctly. And when Wolf Blitzer did him a huge favor by following up with a request that he clarify "because people are going to criticize you" he simply repeated it.


DENSITY ADDENDUM: Matt provides a useful addition to my post on congestion pricing. He notes, "It's absolutely impossible to discuss transportation or planning issues in the Greater Washington area without pointing out that it would be a really, really good idea to facilitate higher-density construction in the District." Absolutely. While increasing density would not necessarily mitigate congestion on its own, it would make mass transit a more viable alternative.