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Dylan Matthews was a summer 2008 Prospect editorial intern.

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The War in Afghanistan and the Fight for Women's Rights.

There are plenty of good reasons to be less than satisfied with Obama's Afghanistan speech last night. Tim addresses many in his column today, and I expect Adam will weigh in further as well. However, Michael Crowley's objection seems off-base:

Citizen Charles.

I have to say I'm far less surprised by Little Green Footballs reactionary blogger Charles Johnson's denunciation of the American right than, say, Pam Spaulding is. First off, as Steve Benen notes, Johnson has been denouncing the tea party movement for some time now, and broke with bloggers even more fervently Islamophobic than himself, like Robert Spencer, long ago.

On Worthlessness.

Hey all. This is Dylan Matthews, and I'm glad, as always, to be back at TAPPED, guestblogging alongside Jamelle.

Let's get down to business then, shall we? Howard Dean really needs to stop saying things like this:

According to Dean, the most important component of the health care bill is the public option.

"If we don’t have a choice, this bill is worthless and should be defeated," the former Governor of Vermont said.

A Worthwhile Swedish Initiative.

While Maine is set to vote on whether to preserve marriage equality a week from Tuesday, new strides are being made on the other side of the Atlantic:

The Lutheran Church of Sweden - the country's largest - is to conduct same-sex marriages from next month.

Sweden's government introduced a new law in May allowing gay couples the same marriage rights as heterosexuals.

Three-quarters of Swedes are members of the Lutheran church, though church attendance is low.

A Climate Skeptic and a Superfreakonomist Walk Into a Bar.

Freakonomics and now SuperFreakonomics authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner may still be denying claims that they are climate-change skeptics, but Dave Weigel talked to some self-proclaimed skeptics who beg to differ: