Elisabeth Zerofsky

Elisabeth Zerofsky is a former Prospect editorial intern.

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REMITTANCES AND MIGRATION. The findings come too late to be relevant to the now-stalled immigration reform push here in the U.S., but the news is still important, particularly to some European countries that may have similar efforts on the horizon: Women, and especially girls, are the greatest beneficiaries of remittances sent home by some 200 million migrants worldwide, according to a massive new study. Via Le Monde , revenues that traverse borders are notoriously difficult to track, but a report (PDF) released yesterday by the World Bank has attempted to study their impact nonetheless. Investigating several global migration hotspots, including Southeast Asia, North Africa, and Latin America, the study finds overall that children from migrant families are more likely to attend school, stay in school, and earn higher grades; girls from migrant households complete almost two years more than girls from non-migrant households, whereas boys complete an average of one additional year. The...