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Garance Franke-Ruta is a former senior editor at the Prospect. Her work has also appeared in The Washington Post, The Washington Monthly, The New Republic, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications. She was a 2006 recipient of a fellowship at the Joan Shorenstein Center on Press, Politics, and Public Policy at Harvard University.

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Kate Sheppard asserts that this story is a dispute over environmental policy, and I'm sure there's something there, but I think she's missing the other part of it, which is that it's also a campaign finance story in a year when two of the top Democratic presidential campaigns have been prominently pointing to their positions on campaign finance issues to argue that they represent change and a break with business as usual in Washington. Recall that John Edwards has made it a major plank of his presidential campaign that he does not take money from lobbyists or PACs, and that he seeks the transformation of our present campaign financing system to a more transparent and publicly-supported one in order to reduce the power of lobbyists and PACs. Recall also that Edwards has been on an anti-PAC crusade since his 1998 Senate race. And yet here you have a situation where a former Edwards low-dollar donor ( Glenn Hurowitz donated $250 to Edwards in June) was touted by the campaign as one of...


New anti- Hillary Clinton PAC president Glenn Hurowitz of has previously endorsed Clinton rival John Edwards for president, according to an October 14 press release from the Edwards campaign. On the morning of Oct. 14, the Edwards campaign sent out a press release headlined "EDWARDS WINS ENDORSEMENT FROM FRIENDS OF THE EARTH ACTION." Following news of that endorsement, the release read: Edwards has already earned the endorsement of several influential environmental leaders, including: National Environmentalists for Edwards Leaders Scott Rutledge, Nevada Conservation Leader Lana Pollack, National LCV Board Member* Lisa Guthrie, National LCV Board Member, Executive Director of VA LCV* Carrie Clark, National LCV Board Member, Executive Director of NC Conservation Council* Brownie Newman, Political Director NC Conservation Council* Nina Szolsberg, President of NC Conservation Council* Carol Piszczek-Sheffield, Board Member AZ Sierra Club Chapter* Jeff Anderson, CA...


I actually agree with Sam and Ezra that Ron Paul is not more viable than Mike Huckabee , though I'm deeply skeptical about Huckabee's chances of winning Iowa, despite the support of the local home schooling associations and, on account of the complexity of the caucus system (more than 1,700 precincts) and Mitt Romney 's committment to buying victory at all costs. That Huckabee is polling higher than Rudy Giuliani in Iowa should be no surprise to anyone who's watched Giuliani campaign in that state. But that doesn't mean that he has a shot at the nomination. And don't count Romney out yet. Romney is the John Kerry of this race, the underestimated, weak-looking, self-financing figure with no serious national polling support who nonetheless has a clear and time-tested strategy for victory. Giuliani may be riding high in national polls, but he is weak on the ground in the early states and is pursuing an unproven theory of how to win the nomination. If Romney can hang on and...


Ezra asked readers to name "the least bad Republican" and Tapped readers seem to agree: the real least bad Republican is clearly he who shall not be named, Ron Paul , not Mitt Romney . Though, in fairness, as one commenter noted: The Internet loves Ron Paul and hates all those other guys. So that's the comments you're going to get, like it or not. What's more, this post has been cataloged by the Google News spider, so everyone subscribed to news stories containing "Ron Paul" is directed to your post. Still, I'd tend to agree with those commenters that Ron Paul is, given his recent fundraising success, at least as viable as Mike Huckabee , who consistantly polls well in groups of a couple thousand hard-core social conservatives but has shown little ability to raise funds or build an in-house field operation. As for whether I was misunderstanding M.J. Rosenberg 's assertion that Romney is preferable because "he does not believe the right-wing garbage he puts out with such abandon," I...


The blog FireDogLake has long used as a sub-hed the above line from the Bad Religion song, "Los Angeles is Burning," which was written in response to the 2004 California fire season. There is something very post-modern about a disaster of such epic proportions already being the subject of a song and (warning: disturbing) video. --Garance Franke-Ruta