Jaime Fuller

Jaime Fuller is a former associate editor at The American Prospect

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Daily Meme: Obamacare FTW?

  • The government may have been sacrificed in yesterday's waning hours, but the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges opened for business as planned this morning.
  • Obama was right: “The Affordable Care Act is moving forward. That funding is already in place. You can’t shut it down."

Daily Meme: Ted Cruz's Rotten Tomatoes Score

  • Fresh (95%): Rush Limbaugh — "Ted Cruz is fighting for freedom in the greatest tradition of American freedom fighters."
  • Fresh: (90%) Sarah Palin — "Maybe if Ted had worn pretty pink running shoes he'd have gotten more respect from the same leftwing media that gushed over the Texan state senator who filibustered in the Texas legislature."

Ten Quotes that Reveal Just How Bizarre Ted Cruz's Super-Extra-Long Senate Speech Is

1. “The moon might be as intimidating as Obamacare.” — Senator Ted Cruz, Tea Party poet laureate

2. "Those in my timeline saying @SenTedCruz's filibuster will do nothing really loved Abortion Barbie's filibuster that didn't stop TX." — Erick Erickson, failing to understand what a filibuster is.

Daily Meme: A Long Day's Journey into Shutdown

  • So ... you may have heard of this government shutdown thing? Well, the drama goes on, and as ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee Chris Van Hollen puts it, "I don't know the end of this movie. I don't think anybody knows how it ends. And that’s a very dangerous place to be in."