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Jaime Fuller is a former associate editor at The American Prospect

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Tweet Revenge

Hackers take over Senator Chuck Grassley’s Twitter feed to protest his support of SOPA.


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Occupy the Alps

Today's Balance Sheet: The conference in Davos is no laughing matter, but apparently Federal Open Market Committee meetings were.

Thousands of the world’s business and political leaders are all heading to Davos, Switzerland—the home of Thomas Mann's fictional sanatorium—for this year’s five-day World Economic Forum.  The euro crisis will be a dominant theme of the conference and Angela Merkel will serve as the keynote speaker. The conference comes as public confidence in world leaders' ability to fix the economic crisis hits a new low.

The Tax Return Cometh

Today's Balance Sheet: Mitt Romney had a bad week.

Although Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, and he is the runaway favorite in the polls, his image has taken a severe beating lately. His economic credentials are the foundation of his campaign, but it has become embarrassingly easy to portray the front-runner as someone who doesn't understand the economic pain many Americans are suffering right now. Yesterday, the Obama campaign's dirt pile on its likely general-election opponent grew substantially when Romney revealed his tax rate and made another unfortunately worded statement on his wealth.

Day of Honor

Slideshow: Visitors to the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial celebrate his legacy.

Jaime Fuller


Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the National Mall Memorial

The Internet Strikes Back

Today's Balance Sheet: A war is brewing between the Internet and the entertainment industry, and it looks like things might get brutal this week.

The coming week is shaping up to feature a hostile fight between tech companies and content producers as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT-IP bills are debated in Congress. Reddit and Wikipedia have announced their intention to go dark for 12 hours on Wednesday to protest the bills, and rumors that Google, Facebook, and Twitter might join in have circulated.