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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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Republicans Aren't Reality Based.

Michael Gerson is outraged by President Obama's claim that the Democratic Party believes in "facts, and science, and argument:"

States Work to Stop Domestic Abuse.

In a welcome bit of state-based good news, lawmakers and authorities in New Jersey and Massachusetts are mulling new laws that would increase the rights and protection of domestic-violence victims, and provide law-enforcement officers with new, pro-victim guidelines for bringing domestic-violence perpetrators to justice. Here is New Jersey:

One measure in the three-bill package would impose tougher bail conditions for those accused of violating domestic violence-related restraining.

Money Ain't a Thang?

To piggyback off of Scott's post, this is a really poor effort by David Brooks:

In the end, however, money is a talisman. It makes people feel good because they think it has magical properties. It probably helps in local legislative races where name recognition is low. It probably helps challengers get established. But these days, federal races are oversaturated. Every federal candidate in a close race has plenty of money and the marginal utility of each new dollar is zero.

The Onion Loves Joe Biden.

The Joe Biden vice presidency has been very good for The Onion:

Presumably, this retreat took place after Biden took some time off to cool his heels in Mexico.

-- Jamelle Bouie