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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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In the Future, Everyone will be Rick Sanchez.


I thought Paul Campos had a fine response to Rick Sanchez's self-pitying rant about himself, CNN and the Jews:

Republicans: Still Not Very Diverse.

Leslie Sanchez, author of Los Republicanos: Why Hispanics and Republicans Need Each Other, sees this year as a sign that the GOP is becoming more diverse:

Overall, 14 African-Americans across the country are running as GOP nominees for Congress. As the Frederick Douglass Foundation has pointed out, if just three of them win, it would mark the first time since Reconstruction that more than two African-Americans from the Republican Party have served in Congress.

Linda McMahon Isn't Too Hot on the Minimum Wage.

In August, when Linda McMahon won the Republican primary for Senate in Connecticut, she trailed Attorney General Richard Blumenthal by ten points. By early September, that shrank to a six points, and now -- with the election thirty days away -- McMahon has narrowed the gap to three points. Blumenthal is still the favorite, but McMahon's willingness to spend cash -- and campaign -- could change that. What would the Senate look like with McMahon in its chambers? Well, to begin, it would be even more unfriendly to the interests of working class Americans.

Taxpayer Receipts: Like Nutritional Labels?

To riff off of Tim's post a little, I think it's fine for taxpayers to receive a receipt of sorts, to see where there taxpayers are going.