Mark Greif

Mark Greif is a founding editor of n+1 and an assistant professor of literary studies at the New School.

Recent Articles

A Pretty Business

The Substance of Style: How the Rise of Aesthetic Value Is Remaking Commerce, Culture, and Consciousness
By Virginia Postrel, HarperCollins, 237 pages, $24.95

End of the Line

Firing Back: Against the Tyranny of the Market

By Pierre Bourdieu, Translated by Loïc Wacquant, New Press, 112 PAGES, $14.95

At the time of Pierre Bourdieu's death in January 2002, he stood as the dominant intellectual in France, if not in Europe. Only Jürgen Habermas in Germany, now age 74, is of the same stature, but Bourdieu's last years had turned him into far more of an activist as a visible opponent of the neoliberal dismantling of social protections.

Bonfire of the Verities


By Don DeLillo, Scribner, 224 pages, $25.00

Either Don DeLillo has written his worst book or he's done something so sneaky I can't see it yet. Cosmopolis' tale of a new-economy billionaire who reduces the world's currency markets to rubble while crossing Manhattan to get a haircut relies on a premise no weaker than those found in some of DeLillo's 13 other novels. His triumphs have often had a seat-of-the-pants quality. This book, however, doesn't quite scrape through.