Nancy Scola

Nancy Scola is a writer based in New York. Her work has appeared in Science Progress, Politics Magazine, AlterNet, and the Columbia Journalism Review.

Recent Articles

Hatch and DeMint: Gatekeepers, Not Government.

Today's op-ed from Sens. Orrin Hatch and Jim DeMint against net neutrality is strange all the way through, but one part in particular jumps out:

Fewer Foreign-Born Technologists, Fewer Patents?

img_innovation_local.gifWhether or not to raise the congressionally mandated cap on H1-B visas for specialized workers (including internationally known fashion models, but this isn't the place to get into that that) is tricky question.

John McCain's Special Kind of Internet Freedom.

Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow have both been poking fun at John McCain this week for introducing a bill called the Internet Freedom Act, the stated purpose of which is to block net neutrality.

An Internet in Every Pot. Or Maybe Not.

In the comments, LuisB raises a good point. One argument you hear against the idea of public broadband is that it's too risky from a financial perspective, particularly in places where the market has decided that demand doesn't justify the capital investment. That's something similar, suggests Luis, to what was said before FDR's rural electrification push in the '30s: Farm people just don't want electricity.

Broadband Labeling.

Why don't we have a public option for broadband Internet? That's what Matt Yglesias wants to know. Several reasons jump to mind. One is that letting government provide Internet service on the infrastructure that cable and telephone companies have built creates unfair competition between government and teleco.