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While I'm skeptical about a lot of the VP tea-leaf reading surrounding the recently announced DNC schedule, it does strike me that the selection of Mark Warner as the keynote speaker is suggestive. While Hillary Clinton does speak the same night, it still seems to me that, in an election year so wracked with gender conflict, it would be somewhat insensitive to have the nominee, VP, and keynote speaker all be dudes. Which in turn suggests that Obama may have already picked a woman as his VP. And if he's picked a woman she's almost certainly Kathleen Sebelius . Consider the list of previous keynote speakers. The last white guy ( Evan Bayh ) was in 1996, and before that the last one was in 1984 -- when we the VP nominee was Geraldine Ferraro (before that there were a lot of dudes, but that was a time when the list of female office holders was pretty limited). The keynote speech has, traditionally, been a way to balance out the ticket's demographic weaknesses. What's more, the keynote is...


Jonathan Martin argues that because Barack Obama and President Bush recently made statements that are somewhat more similar to John McCain 's hawkish statements in the first hours of the South Ossetia crisis than their own original comments, McCain has somehow been proven prescient: McCain aides feel encouraged that their candidate appeared to get it right first, and they are now working to remind reporters that he's long been wary of Putin's Russia. Pushing the prescience line, aides are circulating a pair of YouTube clips from 1999 and 2000 that feature some tough talk from McCain about the new Kremlin regime. But even if McCain was completely right initially and Obama and Bush have completely come around to his position (both of which i highly doubt) that's still doesn't mean McCain's initial position was correct. After all, right now, we know that Russia has responded much more aggressively than many people, including the Georgian government, expected. But when McCain made his...


Sure, Tim Kaine has a number of objectionable policy positions that should make liberals oppose his selection as Barack Obama 's VP but, on the other hand, ponies ( via Jonathan Martin )! Kaine, who took a leave-of-absence from Harvard Law School to work as a Catholic missionary in Honduras, made his comments about the media-created Obama VP list while visiting the carnival grounds on Chincoteague Island. The Virginia governor is on the island with daughter Annella for the annual Chincoteague pony swim . [...] The conversation took place on the Chincoteague carnival grounds near the Tilt-a-Whirl. The governor did not get on the amusement ride but the governor's daughter and Mason's grandchildren did, according to Derrickson. [...] On Saturday, he is slated to go to a beach house at the Camp Pendleton military base in Virginia for a family vacation. "It's kind of like gubernatorial equivalent of Camp David," said Skinner when asked to describe Kaine's vacation destination. That's some...


Via TPM Muckraker, word is burbling through the tubes that Sen. Ted Stevens has been indicted: The U.S. Justice Department has scheduled a news conference for 1:20 p.m. to make an announcement "regarding a significant criminal matter." The official said the news conference would announce the criminal charges against Stevens that have been returned by a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C. So far the charges are seven counts of making false statements, according to The Washington Post . TPMM has more background here . Last August Terrence Samuel wrote in TAP Online that Stevens' case showed that Rudy couldn't win. So, Sen. Stevens, is this good news for your career or your reelection chances? --Sam Boyd


Over in Klein-land, Ezra points out that small-donor fundraising must be even more effective than we thought since the Obama campaign seems to have enough cash to bribe God to bathe today's speech in Berlin in a golden glow you normally don't see outside of a bowl of melted butter. I think he's neglecting to realize that, as the messiah, Obama is eligible for a generous friends-and-family discount. --Sam Boyd