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The Obama campaign just released some lovely behind-the-scenes photos from election night: In particular, I really love this one: Images used under the creative commons license. --Sam Boyd


There's been some concern that most of the names mentioned for Obama 's cabinet are white guys. In part this is due to an overwhelming focus on Treasury, State, and Defense rather than, say, Justice where several women have a shot, or Homeland Security ( Jane Harman is mentioned as a potential pick there). But I do think there will be fewer women in top-level cabinet jobs than many of us would like to see. In part, this isn't Obama's fault. He seems committed to people with deep institutional experience and the pool of such people isn't under his control -- the only plausible female candidate I know of for State, Treasury, or Defense is FDIC head Sheila Bair (for Treasury), but there are also reasons to pick Geithner or Summers ahead of her. Susan Rice is certainly a promising prospect for the future, but right now, isn't experienced enough. The real test of Obama's commitment to diversity, in all its dimensions, will be how he populates the jobs that could produce a cabinet secretary...


Who knows how accurate Politico 's appointment projections are. We'll have to wait and see. But Caroline Kennedy being considered for UN Ambassador? Now, unlike her cousin , Caroline seems like a sensible person, but as far as I can tell, she has no experience in diplomacy or foreign policy of any kind. (Of course, that's not to take anything away from her excellent record as a philanthropist and advocate on behalf of New York City's public schools.) If these Kennedys are being seriously considered, it speaks to an odd streak of dynastic thinking in Obama 's transition team -- after all, I can't imagine either of them being considered if their last names were Smith. --Sam Boyd


This seems like a truly terrible idea: President-elect Barack Obama is strongly considering Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head the Environmental Protection Agency, a Cabinet post, Democratic officials told Politico . This is a man who thinks vaccines cause autism, and that a link between the two is being suppressed as part of a government/business conspiracy: printed Kennedy's article in which he made a highly speculative and unproven claim of a full-fledged government cover-up. The autism-vaccine link is pure and utter hokum , and, by promoting it Kennedy is scaring parents out of vaccinating their kids and putting them at risk for diseases that are utterly preventable. Similarly, Kennedy's paranoia extends to his belief that the 2004 election was rigged . The man is clearly gullible or paranoid and certainly not remotely the right person to lead the nation's environmental agency at such a crucial time for the environment. Kennedy released a somewhat gaurded statement today, but...


John Murtha, Frank Wolf , and Lincoln Diaz-Balart have been reelected. Mario Diaz-Balart 's race hasn't been called, but seems to be in decent shape. Leonard Lance defeated Lisa Stender in New Jersey's open 7th District. It's looking like a very good night for Democrats in the House, but not one quite equal to 2006. Nonetheless, that would mean Democrats have a 50 seat edge in the House, which is huge. Call it 20 seats not 30, very roughly. We're still waiting on VA-2 and OH-1. --Sam Boyd