Samuel Loewenberg

Samuel Loewenberg lives in Berlin and writes about European affairs.

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Liberation Lie

MADRID, SPAIN -- At Saturday's anti-war rally here -- with chants of "No a la Guerra!" filling the city's central square, and film director Pedro Almodovar and actress Leonor Watling reading an anti-war manifesto -- air-raid sirens began to blare from loudspeakers. In response, the crowd of a million or more sank to its knees in a massive wave, young and old covering their heads as if taking shelter while the sounds of simulated explosions filled the air. It was a symbolic moment of solidarity with the people of Iraq by the Spanish protesters, who, perhaps more than many others demonstrating across Europe and around the world this past weekend, have themselves known oppression and dictatorship -- and all too recently. Yet despite that, or maybe because of it, the overwhelming sentiment at Saturday's rally was that the coming war is not about the liberation of the Iraqi people but rather about U.S. interests: George W. Bush and his administration, Spanish protesters argued, are going...