Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a journalist based in New York.

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Peter King Doesn't Care What Washington Thinks

As Aswini wrote this morning, Rep. Peter King's hearings on radicalization are a jarring contrast to the images that have flooded in over the past few weeks of peaceful, democracy-seeking Muslim communities around the world. But King doesn't seem to care, and I think it's because he believes his constituents don't care.

Food Fight

The beef and pork industries are making extra efforts to hawk their products. For the beef industry, this makes sense: their two-year old effort to create "Masters of Beef Advocacy" is meant to reverse losses in market share driven in part by negative perceptions of their products (i.e. beef is fatty and leads to heart attacks, high cholesterol, etc.).

Troubling over Tim DeChristopher

Yesterday, a jury decided when Tim DeChristopher, an environmental activist, bid almost $2 million that he didn't have on oil and gas leases being auctioned off by the government in 2008, he broke the law. His crimes were making a false statement to the government and disrupting the auction.

Rush Holt (D-Humanity)

Fundraising is one of the least savory parts of a politician's job. Leave it to New Jersey Rep. Rush Holt to find clever ways to bring in cash.

Holt's making the most of the attention showered on him this week after he held his own against IBM's Watson computer in a game of Jeopardy. After the game, the congressman sent e-mails to supporters, titled "I'm not a supercomputer," that asked for small dollar donations to support his work on technology and science education. In return, Holt promised, "I’ll continue to do my best to stand up for humans." More from his letter below:

"So, when the answer is, 'He beat a supercomputer in a round of Jeopardy!,' you’ll know the question: 'Who is my congressman?'

Getting Cozy with Big Coal

Whenever I read a bit of news like this one -- that Rep. Nick Rahall, a Democrat from West Virginia, is co-sponsoring a bill that would keep the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions -- my first instinct is to look at who's been funding the offending politician. Since Rahall is from West Virginia, I expected to find a pile of money from Big Coal behind him. But that turned out not to be the case, exactly.