Susan Reed

Susan E. Reed studied the Adamses as a Nieman fellow at Harvard. She has written about the current presidential campaign for The Boston Globe, The Financial Times, and The Independent on Sunday.

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White-Collar Woes

White-Collar Sweatshop: The Deterioration of Work and Its Rewards in Corporate America , Jill Andresky Fraser. W.W. Norton and Company, 278 pages, $26.95. W hile working through the 1980s and 1990s as a financial journalist, Jill Andresky Fraser was bothered by an apparent paradox: She observed the "buoyant optimism" of corporate executives and business boosters enjoying a rising stock market at the same time that she was hearing "bleak workplace stories" from white-collar employees. The good feelings on the part of CEOs were easy to understand. They were receiving million-dollar salaries, often with bonuses and lucrative stock options. But to Fraser's ears, there was also a disturbing rumble of discontent in corporate America. It came from a wide range of professionals who felt overworked and underrewarded, their health and happiness disintegrating under the weight of job-related stress. White-Collar Sweatshop, four years in the making, is packed with the tales of the working wounded...