The Return of the Octopus

Winter 2018


  • The Other Imperiled Immigrants

    Manuel Madrid

    For no good reason, other than spite and symbolism, Trump goes after Central American immigrants with Temporary Protected Status.
  • Donald Trump Is No Friend of a Better NAFTA

    Maude Barlow

    We do need to repair or replace what's wrong with the mother of bad trade deals. But don't be fooled by Trump's posturing. 
  • The Full Employment Solution

    Mark Paul, William Darity Jr., & Darrick Hamilton

    Truly fixing the American economy requires full employment, as Franklin Roosevelt proposed 74 years ago. And that can't be done through the private sector alone. 


  • The Poverty on Disney's Doorstep

    Kalena Thomhave

    The Florida Projecct is a film about life as a poor kid. It doesn't erase the innocence of childhood—or the harshness of poverty. 
  • Up Against Big Tech

    K. Sabeel Rahman

    The old challenges of concentrated economic and political power now confront us in new forms.
  • No Big-Game Hunting at Justice

    Ronald Goldfarb

    How federal prosecutors let major white-collar criminals off the hook and stick shareholders with the costs of corporate crime
  • Is Manufacturing’s Future All Used Up?

    Harold Meyerson

    Though the efforts to revive our much shrunken industrial sector may seem quixotic, manufacturing still matters to the nation’s economy—and its psyche.