The Six Constituencies the State of the Union Actually Mattered To

The speech was a snooze, but its significance lies in how it played with select groups Obama still cares about. 

GOP to Working Poor: Drop Dead

Republicans finally have a comprehensive alternative plan to Obamacare—and it's horrible. 

Hillary Clinton's Enemies Can't See Straight

The blinding hate so many conservatives feel for her could be Clinton's greatest asset in 2016.

Vaccine Fear Mongers Are Wrong, But They're Not Ideological

Despite what some believe, liberals are no more likely than conservatives to believe in a link between childhood vaccines and autism.

Campaigns and the Human Condition

"Mitt" reminds us that seeing a candidate's "true" self is impossible, no matter who he is.

Investing in Stock Buybacks, Not People

U.S. corporations want to sit on their cash. If they won’t use it, why can’t we?

Now It’s Time to Talk About Chicago’s Tale of Two Cities

Rahm Emanuel’s economic politics put him at the far right wing of the Democratic Party and out of step with the current breed of populist big-city leadership.

Once Again, Conservative Media Treat Their Audience Like Idiots

Is any conspiracy theory too ridiculous to be foisted on Fox viewers and conservative talk radio listeners? Apparently not.

Why Republicans Keep Calling Women Sluts

They just can't help themselves, and here's why.

Federal Board Finds NSA Program Illegal and Unjustified

And it remains far from clear that collecting metadata is a better means of protecting national security than searches based on individual suspicion.

The Republican Problem With Independent Voters

On economic issues, independents are closer to Democrats than they are to Republicans.

Technology and Oppression, 30 Years Ago and Today

Could there be a protest movement brewing against the likes of Google and Facebook?

What About Palestinian Security?

With Israeli settler attacks on villages growing, it's becoming apparent that sovereignty isn't the only issue concerning Palestinians in peace talks. 

Defense Spending Is the Most Expensive Way to Create Jobs

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter costs as much as $8 million for every job created.

The GOP, Guardians of Health Security

Will voters believe that the likes of Mitch McConnell want nothing more than to protect your health? Probably, yeah.