Twitter Is Neither Our Salvation Nor Our Doom

Don't believe the hype, or the dire prophesies either.

"Religious Liberty": The Next Big Front in the Culture Wars

With historic anti-discrimination legislation advancing through Congress, religious conservatives look for wiggle room.

A Church Basement Revival without the God Part

Even if you can start a religion that prominently features Bon Jovi songs, should you?

George W. Bush Prepares to Offend Millions of Jews, Probably without Realizing It

Somebody needs to clue Dubya in about how Jews are going to feel about this.

Things Are Looking Up for the Left

There were lots of reasons for liberals to celebrate the 2013 elections.

Fruits of Republican Folly

Public support of the GOP has dipped sharply, but it falls to the Democrats to find a way to take advantage of the moment. 

Be Our Guest Worker

A look at the uncertain existence of the legal migrant farmworkers that the agricultural industry relies on for cheap labor. 

From White Collars to Pink Slips

Americans have been told that a college education will help them avoid the fate of workers whose jobs have been shipped overseas. A new report pours water on that idea.

Disastrous Obamacare Rollout Leaves Opinions on Law Weirdly Unchanged

It went as bad as conservatives could have wished, but the public's opinion on the law is just where it was before.

Rand Paul Grudgingly Gives In to Haters Demanding He Not Plagiarize

The oppression of liberty-loving future presidential candidates never ends.

12 Years a Female Slave—Not Coming to a Theatre Near You

We can't fully understand American slavery and its legacy without mining the diversity of enslaved experience in scholarship as well as film.

The Democrats' Original Food-Stamp Sin

November 1 saw a rollback of food assistance for the neediest Americans. The left shares just as much blame for the cuts as Republicans. 

What Divides Democrats

It’s economics: Cory Booker’s Wall Street liberalism versus Bill de Blasio’s anti-corporate populism. These divisions will shape the 2016 presidential contest. 

What Have We Learned from the 2013 Elections?

The do's and don'ts of this year's races, featuring kittens, sodomy, and pot.

What This Election Means, Revealed at Last

Sometimes an election is just an election.