A Dark Knight for Romney?

Don't believe Limbaugh—the most recent Batman movie is an epic for the 1%

Merit Badge for Silence

As with the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, the Boy Scouts' position on homosexuality denies gay people the basic right to self-definition.

Sharia Scare in Tennessee

A Muslim American lawyer under fire

The Rich Really Are Different

What Mitt Romney may not get.

Sorry, Still Not Over Bush v. Gore

Justice Scalia goes on Piers Morgan and tries to defend himself.

Don't Like Blacks? You'll Love Voter ID

A new survey shows a tight relationship between racial resentment and support for voter identification laws.

In the Beginning Was the Word

Republicans offer their Talmudic interpretation of Obama's language.

Out of Work, Out of Luck

The government has the tools to help remedy the jobs crisis, so why isn't it doing anything?

It's the Occupation, Stupid

Why did the most recent coalition in the Israeli government only last ten weeks?

The Cult of MEK

The Mujahedin-e Khalq is trying to steer its supporters in the United States toward war, which shows that the enemy of our enemy is not our friend.

If Only They Knew

Turns out the Romney camp isn't all that different from other Republicans.

What About the Vice Presidential Tax Returns?

Pawlenty and Portman haven't been any more forthcoming than Romney thus far.

Can Rick Perry's Playbook Work in the Texas Senate Race?

David Dewhurst takes some heat for his latest negative ad.

What Poor Women Need Is ... Marriage?

The New York Times reports on the new marriage divide, but misses the solutions.

The Meaning of "That"

If you're Mitt Romney, it can mean whatever you want.