Did Republicans Lose the Election?

The 2012 election awarded us a peculiar form of coalition government. Will it hinder Dems as they pursue their ambitious agenda?

The Worst State for Women?

North Dakota joins the list of states reversing decades of gains in gender equality.

How to Vote Down Voter ID

Minnesotans defeat the GOP’s plan to restrict the franchise.

Making Voting Constitutional

Our governing document creates no right to vote. It’s time it did.

Why "Make Them Learn English" Is the Key to Immigration Reform

Immigrants are going to learn anyway, but Americans' contradictory feelings about immigration need to be addressed.

Bill Kristol Tells Republicans to Keep On Keeping On

He doesn't seem to realize the last four years happened.

Leave Julia Alone!

Why is The National Review obsessed with a relic of the Obama campaign?

In the Schools of Philadelphia

A yawning budget gap has accelerated school closures, but a new community-labor alliance is fighting back.

New Marijuana Laws: Just a Smokescreen

You may want to consult a lawyer before smoking legal dope in Washington state.

Breaking the Military’s Brass Ceiling

Leon Panetta's decision to end the women in combat ban was the right one, and long overdue.

How African Americans View Immigration Reform

It's a class-based split.

Why Playwrights Aren't Political Analysts

David Mamet shows that being an accomplished writer doesn't mean you aren't capable of writing some pretty stupid things.

Employees? Consumers? Feh!

The Republican war on the NLRB and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Voters to the GOP: It's Not You—It's Your Ideas

Republicans continue to believe that their problem in 2012 was their messaging. It wasn't.

A More Perfect European Union

David Cameron's speech has its fair share of detractors, but it should be embraced as an impetus to take Europe's governance to the next level.