Voter ID and Voter "Virtue"

How arguments for voter identification laws rely on old ideas about who can participate.

Advanced Placement

The Chicago Teachers Union is poised to lead in the next school-reform fights.

Talking to Themselves

The Romney campaign's epistemic closure.

Why the Chicago Teachers Won

Turning points in an unexpected victory for labor

What the Heck Is Quantitative Easing?

A look at the history behind the Fed's latest move

What We Talk About When We Talk About Abortion

A British case is wrongly roped in the reproductive rights debate

Mitt Versus the Middle East

A candidate who reveals disdain for the two-state solution could be a dangerous gamble.

One Day in Uganda

Part one in a series on violence and discrimination against LGBT people in the East African nation

In Pennsylvania, a Victory for Voting Rights—Sorta

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has told a lower court to reconsider whether the state voter ID law could disenfranchise voters—in the process, raising the bar for the state.

Is America Feared Enough in the Middle East?

Supporting Islamist democracies might actually be the best way to win friends in the region.

Why Istanbul Matters

Ankara may be the capital, but as its diplomatic power grows, Turkey's first city remains the jewel of the Bosporus.

Newsweek: Is Asking Inane Questions the Future of Journalism?

A spoof of the magazine’s infamously sensational cover stories

Outrageous Teacher Pay?

How does teacher pay compare to other professions, and in big school systems across the country?

The Border Effect

The fence along the U.S.–Mexico boundary has helped reduce the flow of illegal immigrants, but the human and environmental toll has been enormous.

Pilgrims in an Unholy Land

A Prospect reporter's dispatch from the annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.