Advocates of Keystone Pipeline Try to Co-Opt OWS

This week, the Occupy Wall Street spokes council—a recently created decision-making body composed of people from the movement's various working groups—met for the first time; the OWS General Assembly voted to denounce “Jobs for the 99%,” a website backed by the energy industry and unions marshalling OWS language against opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline; and a dozen New York occupiers set out on a 300-mile march to Washington, D.C., planning to reach the capital in time for a Super Committee meeting November 23.

In other OWS news across the country:

  • Thousands participated in Bank Transfer Day on November 5, closing their accounts with big banks in favor of local credit unions.
  • Atlanta occupiers camped out on a lawn to defend a family (including a cop) from foreclosure.
  • During a statewide “Occupy Cal” Day of Action, police used batons against students by Berkeley’s Mario Savio steps.
  • Taking a page from Oakland, Dallas has called a general strike for November 30.

The five most important OWS pieces this week:

Photo of the week:

Photo courtesy of David Herschorn at The Daily Californian

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