A Counter-Response

See "Thus Spake Noam" by
Jeffrey C. Isaac and the response from Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky wrote something foolish that likened Osama Bin Laden to

Bill Clinton, and implied that the bombings of Washington D.C. and New York by Bin Laden would be on a moral par with NATO's Kosovo intervention of 1999. I don't think that Chomsky intended to offer any kind of serious argument about terrorism. He was simply being clever. That is his way. There is a difference between being clever and being intelligent, morally serious, or politically responsible. This difference has always eluded Chomsky.

As for his laughable comments about my own "culpability" for all manner of atrocity, I would only note that it must have been quite embarrassing for a paragon of virtue like Chomsky to be publicly reminded of his foolish Bin Laden analogy in the wake of September 11th. His contrived effort now to vindicate this analogy is only a further embarrassment. Chomsky is a bright man whose own career as a public intellectual has been reduced to absurdity by his own lack of judgment.

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