Ben Smith has a nice catch today. Conservatives for Patient Rights -- the folks founded and funded by this guy -- released an ad quoting Canadian physician Brian Day on the horrors of socialized medicine. But an alert tipster sends the rest of the interview with Day. At about the four-minute mark, Days protests that he's not, under any circumstances, suggesting some "two-tiered, American-style medical care." He goes on to note that Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and England "don't have queues in health care."

“I think this is what people tend to forget," he continues. "They equate alternatives to the Canadian health care system with ‘Americanization,’ which is not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about countries like Belgium, and Switzerland, and France, and Austria.”

It's telling that the American health care system plays much the same role in the Canadian discussion that the Canadian health care system plays in the American discussion.