Concord is a bit nuts early this afternoon. There was the Huckaburger event. McCain's folks are readying right now for a 2 p.m. speech across the street in front of the state house. Obama's and Clinton's volunteers were outside with signs doing visibility, and I caught an impromptu volunteer rally speech by Obama endorser Bill Bradley.

So, I was pissed I couldn't get into the Barley ale house for the Huckaburger event. Huckabee's son, David (pictured), who was recently arrested on a gun charge, gave me the, um, skinny.

"It was a herb-rubbed bison burger with baby spinach on a whole wheat English muffin," he said.

Is it good?

"I've never had one."

Your dad's not a vegetarian, is he?


Are you?


Do you think your dad's weight loss is an issue in this campaign?

"I don't think so."

Then he got a bit edgy and said he wouldn't take any more questions.

--Tom Schaller

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