THE KIDS ARE ALL LEFT. As a final note to today's blogging about sex and religion (here, here, and here), an interesting new survey shows that 25% of young people describe their religious affiliation as "none," compared to only 11% of the general population.

The survey (in .pdf form here) was done by Democracy Corp/Greenberg Quinlan Rosen, and has some other nice numbers as well:

Young people think Democrats can do a better job on youth issues (+39 net margin), the environment (+38), healthcare (+35), Iraq (+33), energy independence (+32), the federal budget (+25), the economy and jobs (+24), the war on terrorism (+21), values (+15), taxes (+13), and guns (+4). No issue polled was thought to be better handled by the GOP.

52% of young people support gay marriage. 67% believe "same sex couples trying to get married are courageous in facing opposition and really committed to building happy lives together." 61% think global warming is an immediate threat. 60% believe religion should not play a role in politics.

--Steven White