At Least Give Us An Abacus

So, as Jesse finds out, the Cato and Heritage Social Security calculators are totally misleading. But the real question is, why don't liberal organizations have similar, albeit less lie-filled, calculators online? Why isn't the DNC hitting their list with a calculator letting them see what the Bush plan could do to their retirement? Why isn't Kerry e-mailing the world with his progressive-themed java applets? I mean, not to pick on anyone, but CAP doesn't even mention Social Security on their front page! The Heritage Foundation, in contrast, has it (along with their !@*!#& calculator) in as prominent a spot as they could find. The right's institutions, while certainly mendacious, are a hell of a lot more focused than ours.

The calculators, by the way, are a good example of what I was inarticulately arguing earlier about the political adeptness of policy organizations.