We're happy to announce that Mark Schmitt is joining us as executive editor of The American Prospect on July 14. (Happy Bastille Day!) You already know Mark from his prescient observations about small-donor democracy, his smart analysis of 2008 as the theory of change primary, and his long-running Prospect print column "The Out Years." Mark currently serves as a senior fellow at the New America Foundation. He was previously director of the Governance and Public Policy program at the Open Society Institute, as well as policy director to Senator Bill Bradley. We'd like to note that he's available via Gchat at all hours of the night, and is a confirmed reader of Crappy Hour.

But we're also pleased to report that we're not losing our current executive editor Harold Meyerson, who will be staying on board as editor-at-large, where he will occasionally opine for the blog, write features, and perhaps most importantly, draw those key political/musical theater comparisons.

Welcome Mark. We're glad to have you.

--Phoebe Connelly