Last Friday’s performance on Hardball wasn’t an aberration for Michele Bachmann. She enjoys drawing clear us-versus-them lines between her fundamentalist pals and what is now known in McCain-land as the not-real-America. At the Values Voters Summit in September, where Bachmann was hailed as one of “Capitol Hill’s Leading Ladies,” she told the crowd that it was a “tremendous honor to be with the front line of defense for the American people, the Family Research Council.”

Calling John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate “McBrilliant,” Bachmann went on to contrast her buddy Palin with Nancy Pelosi. “The woman [Palin] just teems with authenticity. When she stood on the stage at the Republican National Convention, you could just see it on her face, she is comfortable in their skin.” Continuing about Palin’s family, Bachmann added, “they are who they say they are … . They stand for normal people and normal people values, and we say amen to that.”

—Sarah Posner