The Nobel to Cruise Missile Exchange Rate


Yes, Barack Obama won a Nobel Peace prize, and yes, he has fired more cruise missiles than all other Peace prize winners combined. But given the actual content of Obama's acceptance speech, it shouldn't come as a surprise. For example:

I believe that force can be justified on humanitarian grounds, as it was in the Balkans, or in other places that have been scarred by war. Inaction tears at our conscience and can lead to more costly intervention later. That is why all responsible nations must embrace the role that militaries with a clear mandate can play to keep the peace.

To repeat a point from last Friday, a careful examination of Barack Obama's public statements will reveal a man who isn't opposed to humanitarian interventions or the broad exercise of American power. He's simply opposed to wars waged outside of the international system. It's why Afghanistan was OK, but Iraq was not, and why intervention in Libya -- with European and Arab support -- is an acceptable path of action. Say what you will about the Libya intervention -- I'm not a fan -- but Obama has been fairly clear about his approach to foreign policy. Of course, as is often the case with his words, few people were listening.

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