Preach It, Sister

You're not going to find a better SOTU wrap-up than Shakespeare's Sister has penned:

I had the notion that I would do a thoughtful analysis of the State of the Union speech, and maybe I still will, but now, immediately afterwards, my feeling is: What's the point? It was all just bullshit wrapped in the rhetoric of freedom.

Freedom around the world! And end to tyranny! Liberty and justice for all! Not so fast, faggots...

How can a speech riddled with references to freedom and equality contain a call for a federal marriage amendment denying rights to a sizable portion of the American public? Or a demand to make tax cuts favoring the wealthiest permanent? Or a recommitment to funding faith-based initiatives over those which, in a country where freedom to practice or not practice religion as one sees fit, do good works in the name of humanity instead of God?

Read the whole thing.

As for me, sorry for the lack of posts this morning. Chalk it up to post-SOTU hangover. As the drowsiness resides, so the feverish typing begins...