Senate Dems Rub Eyes, Grab Toothbrush, Wake Up

Good post by Kos on the changes Reid has wrought. The Senate Dems really have transformed from a yipping, useless caucus to a united opposition force. And it's as much in what they do -- The 10 Leadership bills, Schumer retiring the DSCC's debt in record time -- as in what they feel freed to do, with the recent, finally contentious hearings being a perfect example. It almost makes losing those three seats worth it.


Also: His post on Barbara Boxer being Wellstone's heir-apparent is a good one. But her reinforced backbone didn't pop out of thin air, not only did she get more votes nationwide than anyone not named "Bush" or Kerry", but, in California, she got more votes period. She beat Kerry by 200,000, Bush by quite a few more, and absolutely demolished the Arnold-approved Bill Jones. With that achieved, she's got six clear years and a true mandate backing her, so expect big things.

Also: Kos is right. No on Gonzales. That whole vote for him or Hispanics will hate you thing was pure fiction, much like the guy's legal opinions. Placing him in the government will say far more about our attitudes towards torture than our attitudes towards diversity.